Welcome to the Renewable Energy Resources!

Our services as solar consultants target Residential and Commercial clients that desire a “one stop shop” in considering a solar installation. With our national network of solar companies including installers, suppliers and finance
companies, we provide the following combination of services:

  • We consult and advise on your side, and no other, you will receive proposals that include a detailed local analysis of utility rates, state incentives or subsidies and other local factors, using a state of the art software application and Google Earth technology to accurately assess the solar.Read More
  • How It All Works
    Because sunlight is abundant and inexhaustible, solar energy is a valuable
  • Lease And PPA
    A power purchase agreement is a type of solar financing where someone else owns
  • Cash And Finance
    The Federal tax credit alone covers 30% of the system cost. Combined with additional state
  • Incentives
    With today’s federal tax incentives, there’s no better time to go solar. The federal energy